The Woodstock Foundation responds

Letter to the Editor:

The Vermont Standard’s recent article about a lawsuit filed by two former Board members against the Woodstock Foundation was very one-sided, due to the fact that the claims in the lawsuit itself are deliberately one-sided and the claims were clearly designed to stir up scandal. We did provide the Standard a statement, noting that the Board had received multiple complaints from employees, took them very seriously, and in accordance with best practices and Foundation policy, had retained experienced outside legal counsel to conduct a thorough and objective investigation and report. Unfortunately, that honest description of the issues being investigated was in the middle of a very long article.

We expect the results of this thorough investigation soon. In the meantime, the Board will not be rushed to judgment or influenced by gossip, innuendo, or threats.

We are truly sorry that this disparaging lawsuit by two former Board members may be upsetting and disruptive to many employees, as well as the community. However, this investigation and other careful steps taken by the Board reflect our legal, civic, and personal responsibilities to the Foundation, community, and employees of the Woodstock Resort Corporation including the Woodstock Inn, Billings Farm, and Saskadena Six.

The Board’s other major priority is to recruit a new Resort President and CEO with leadership and experience to move the Resort in a positive direction. Very regrettably, the lawsuit brought by the two former Board members significantly delays this forward effort.

The Woodstock Foundation Board is committed to direct the Foundation, Resort, Billings Farm & Museum, and their facilities, in accordance with the vision of Laurance and Mary Rockefeller, to benefit the people and the economic vitality of the community. We are equally committed to providing employees enjoyable careers in a stable, equitable, and flourishing environment.

James S. Sligar, Chair, The Woodstock Foundation