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The Standard wants to document how the coronavirus pandemic is being experienced by people in our own audience, in our own communities. Through their own lenses.

Week by week, we'd like any of our readers and all Windsor County residents who wish to participate to share your own personal experience with a photograph -- to let each other know how you are feeling as we all go through this together, and perhaps share something that gives you hope for better times ahead.

So, each week we'll be accepting photo entries for our Vermont Standard Pictures in the Pandemic Photo Competition! Use your camera or phone (and your creativity of course) to snap a photo that depicts what life is like for you right now and/or what gives you hope. It can be sentimental or snarky, humorous or inspiring, symbolic or literal, or whatever you like! And please add a short caption or description that lets viewers know how YOU are coping with the effects of the pandemic and "Stay Home, Stay Safe" guidelines.

During the following week all photos submitted during the previous 7 days will be displayed for all to see here on, and the public is invited to vote for their favorites (be sure to tell all your friends to vote for you!). The top vote-getter in each category each week will be deemed the weekly winner and receive a $100 prize! Plus, Vermont Standard editors will choose a selection of the photos submitted each week to be published in the paper.

The two categories for submission are:

  • How I'm Feeling Today
  • What Makes Me Feel Hopeful 

Any questions? Please contact our contest coordinator Morgan Busby at [email protected] or (802) 457-1313

This Week's Prize $100