Woodstock Zoning Notices

Lisa Wright

Woodstock Village/Town  Zoning Notices

Neal Leitner, Administrative Officer

Please visit (www.townofwoodstock.org) for documents and guidance or call our office (802) 457-7515. Some permits require hearings with application deadlines. 

The following applications will be reviewed by the Town Development Review Board (TDRB) at the Woodstock Town Hall, on Tuesday, May 24, 2022 at 7:30 P.M.

Permit Number: T-5201-22; Filed By: HOWARD KRUM; Location: 1362 BARNARD RD.; Lister’s Number: 04.01.03. Conditional Use Approval: Short term rentals. Permit Issued: 5/09/22.

Permit Number: T-5205-22; Filed By: PATRICIA (PJ) EAMES; Location: EAST WOODSTOCK RD 3A; Lister’s Number: Conditional Use Approval: Open a retail cannabis dispensary with a small, licensed production kitchen. Permit Issued: 5/09/22.