Mac’s Market is hiring a meat/cutter/wrapper in Woodstock

Lisa Wright


Mac’s Market is a local business operating grocery stores in Woodstock, Stowe, Rochester and Essex, VT.  Our employees live and work in the areas we service and understand the unique needs of their customers.  When you work at Mac’s, you’re not just an employee – you are an important member of the Mac’s Team because we know that our business is only as good as our people.

TODAY’S OPPORTUNITY is for the position of Meat Cutter/Wrapper at our Mac’s Market grocery store in Woodstock, VT.  As the Meat Cutter/Wrapper, you will be responsible for cutting, slicing, weighing, and wrapping various types of meat, with proper label placement.  Additionally, if time allows/as needed, you must be willing to assist in the deli department.  You must have knowledge of and experience with the following: various kinds/cuts/quality of meat and cheeses; gpm, including mark ups/downs, margin setting and basic inventory management; cross merchandising; management and training of staff; and use of deli/meat equipment like the oven, slicer, knives, wrapper, labeler, power saw, and grinder.  The job requires availability to work a minimum of 40 hrs/wk, no less than five days a week.  As a full time position, you will be eligible to receive benefits like insurance, paid time off and holiday pay. 

Apply at any Mac’s location or send us your resume!

fax: (802) 786-1241 or e-mail: